Tingley City Council Meeting

April 2019

The Tingley City Council met on Monday April 1, 2019 at the Tingley Community Building. Mayor Larry Jarred called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Sherry Briner, Amelia Quick, Donetta Phelps, Julie Ackley, Bob Johnson and clerk Tony Mercer.
Also present Tiffany Trummer, Priscill Alvik, James Novak, and Felicia Novak.

Motion to approve the agenda made by Ackley, seconded by Johnson; motion carried.
Motion to approve the minutes made by Phelps, seconded by Ackley; motion carried.
Motion to approve bills made by Quick, seconded by Johnson; motion carried.
Motion to approve Treasurer's report by Briner seconded by Quick; motion carried.

Public Forum - Priscill Alvik was present again to present flyers for cleanup day scheduled for April 27th. Youth help POD will be April 19th. Tiffany Trummer was present to ask about permits required for installing drainage tile and chicken coops. Landscaping does not require a permit nor would moveable chicken coops.

Committee - Johnson reported that rock had begun hauling, Jarred Construction assisting in the hauling efforts. However, city employee James Novak had knee surgery recently and would be unable to work for at least 30 days. Council discussed options for hauling rock and mowing during his recovery. Briner reported on a rotted light pole at 3rd and Monroe; Ackley will call it in. Jarred reported that E911 services would be activating cell phone emergency notifications soon making the paging system obsolete. The Community Building had received $650 from Sharon Case memorial.

Old Business - New park had received interest from Peggy Skarda family in a memorial bench. Rod Shields has been contacted about the county hauling dirt to grade the lot. Quick made a motion to purchase a two sided 9'x4' sign for the park from Podium Ink at a cost of $1300. Briner seconded. Motion carried.

Clark property - An interested buyer has been found, council wants to check with city attorney about selling. Quick made a motion to proceed with purchase agreement pending city attorney review. Ackley seconded. Motion carried.

New - Ackley made a motion to contract Cannon for a portajohn in the park through October. Briner seconded. Motion carried.
New basketball hoops and grants were also discussed.

Adjournment - Ackley made a motion to adjourn. Phelps seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM.

Tony Mercer