Tingley City Council Meeting

February 2019

The Tingley City Council met on Monday February 11, 2019 at the Tingley Community Building. Mayor Larry Jarred called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Sherry Briner, Bob Johnson, Julie Ackley, Amelia Quick, Donetta Phelps (arrive 7:15) and clerk Tony Mercer. Also present Cheryl Roach, Priscill Alvik, Lois Ibbotson (arrive 7:26), James Novak, and Felicia Novak.

Motion to approve the agenda made by Amelia Quick, seconded by Sherry Briner; motion carried.
Motion to approve the minutes made by Julie Ackley, seconded by Amelia Quick; motion carried.
Motion to approve bills made by Amelia Quick, seconded by Bob Johnson; motion carried.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Julie Ackley, seconded by Sherry Briner; motion carried.

Public Forum - Priscill Alvik was present to ask about sidewalk cleanup and tree limbs hanging over sidewalks. She suggested a cleanup at the end of April as April 22nd is Earth Day. Council agreed a clean up in April would be good.

Committee - The truck route had been cleared by the county, but road closed signs are needed because several vehicles decided to try the drifts and got stuck. Amelia Quick made a motion to purchase road closed signs. Sherry Briner seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business - New park committee had not met yet but is hoping to meet Monday February 25th. More dirt is needed at the new park. The council again discussed funding - the council intends to use grants and donations with McFarland money to be used to match those funds.

Alleyway - One landowner has not yet paid for the alleyway and is not responding to attempts to contact. City attorney agreed to meet with Tony February 13th at no cost to the city to discuss.

Insurance - Lois Ibbotson was present to review the city’s insurance coverage and make adjustments if needed. Without adjustments the premium was going to increase 4%.

New - The council held a budget workshop to discuss the coming FY20 budget. The council would like to see more gravel applied this year as the winter weather would be especially damaging to the roads this year.

Donetta Phelps reported a successful Halloween fund raiser with plans for more in the future.

Adjournment – Amelia Quick made a motion to adjourn. Bob Johnson seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 7:58 PM.

Tony Mercer