Tingley City Council Meeting

June 2019

The Tingley City Council met on Monday June 3, 2019 at the Tingley Community Building. Mayor Larry Jarred called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Amelia Quick, Julie Ackley, Bob Johnson, Sherry Briner, Donetta Phelps, and clerk Tony Mercer. Also present were Karen Pettinger, Priscill Alvik, Jon Hightshoe, Misti Hightshoe, Tiffany Trummer, Sam Trummer, Lisa Pyland, Cheryl Roach, James Novak and Felicia Novak.

Motion to approve the agenda made by Quick, seconded by Briner; motion carried.
Motion to approve the minutes made by Ackley, seconded by Phelps; motion carried.
Motion to approve bills made by Ackley, seconded by Quick; motion carried.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by Quick seconded by Briner; motion carried.

Public Forum - Jon & Misti Hightshoe inquired about ditches and culverts that needed cleaned for better drainage. Several members of the public inquired about animal ordinances and their enforcement. The ordinances are avaible online at tingley.org/ordinances.html or available in paper format by request; individual sections can be copied at no cost. Much of the discussion centered around the desire for the town to look nice while also utilizing property for animals and pets. Permitting and limits on number of animals were discussed.

Committee - Quick reported that the siren has not worked since the power outage; an electrician may be needed to look at it. Johnson reported that road gravel is nearly complete. The council decided to form a committee on animal ordinances with Quick as it’s chair.

Old Business - Grass and fertilizer has been applied at the New Park. The county will fix the culverts for better drainage. Tessa Still has been asked to draw up landscaping plans.

Quick made a motion to schedule a public hearing for the sale of proposed real estate by the City of Tingley for July 1, 2019 7:00 PM at the Tingley Community Building. Ackley seconded. Roll call vote: Quick-yes, Phelps-yes, Johnson-yes, Briner-yes, Ackley-yes. Motion passed. Resolution #201902

New Business - Quick made a motion to authorize the Tingley City Clerk to contract up to 1500 gallons of propane for the Community Building and 500 gallons for the Fire Station at the best price available. Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

Johnson made a motion to hire Jarred Construction to remove the dead tree at the Lion’s Park on the west side of town. Ackley seconded. Motion carried. Special thanks to Pat & Brenda Weeda for their help in keeping the Lion’s Park looking nice.

Ackley made a motion to close the truck route June 7-9 for the dog trial going on that weekend. Quick seconded. Motion carried.

Quick made a motion to accept the new fiscal year contract for the mealsite. The terms remain unchanged from last year. Johnson seconded. Motion carried. Jarred reported that Connections may begin using the Community Building throughout the week as additional meal service is being discussed, but it would be in addition to this contract.

The council set the next regular meeting for Monday July 1, 2019 at 7 PM.

Adjournment – Phelps made a motion to adjourn. Ackley seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 8:36 PM.

Tony Mercer