Tingley City Council Meeting

September 2019

The Tingley City Council met on Monday September 9, 2019 at the Tingley Community Building. Mayor Larry Jarred called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Members present were Amelia Quick, Julie Ackley, Bob Johnson, Sherry Briner, Donetta Phelps, and clerk Tony Mercer. Also present were Sue Richards, Priscill Alvik, Tiffany, Nancy Jarred, Cacey Quick, Kristina Nail, Cheryl Roach, Josh Briner, James Novak and Felicia Novak.

Motion to approve the agenda made by Ackley, seconded by Quick; motion carried.
Motion to approve the minutes made by Phelps, seconded by Ackley; motion carried.
Motion to approve bills made by Quick, seconded by Johnson; motion carried.
Motion to approve Treasurer's report by Ackley seconded by Quick; motion carried.

Public Forum - Sue Richards complimented the town and said for her birthday celebration, James Novak helped with tables, Jason Ackley had the cemetery looking great, Nancy Jarred, Priscill Alvik, and Jenifer Johnson had the planters all looking good. Many people in attendance of her celebration were impressed with how the town and cemetery looked.

Committee - In regards to the trees on the Briner property, Ackley reported that Alliant will not remove trees and will only trim them if they are touching the power lines. They will however remove the power line so the trees can be cut and then reinstall them afterwards. Mayor Jarred will contact Parker Bros. for a specific estimate on dropping the trees. The Mayor also reported that Ryan Reynolds had looked into the water sales machine at the fire station and found the timer broken. It is hoped it will be fixed and working again soon. It was reported a tree at the cemetery was struck by lightning and needs cut down; will also get an estimate for this.

Old Business - New city clerk: 3 letters of interest had been received for the position of City Clerk from Cacey Quick, Kristina Nail, and Dee Sobotka. At 7:30 PM, Phelps made a motion to enter into closed session to perform interviews for the City Clerk position pursuant to Iowa Code ยง21.2 (2), Cacey & Kristina in person, and Dee by teleconference. Ackley seconded. Motion carried.

The council exited the closed session at 8:21 PM and the following official action was taken: Phelps made a motion to hire Kristina Nail as City Clerk for a starting salary of $300 per month with a review in 6 months plus $50 per month in reimbursement for internet costs. Quick seconded. Motion carried.

Phelps made a motion to made a motion to put the City Clerk (Kristina Nail) on the town accounts (US Bank - General Fund 3262, Community Building 9892, Fire Dept. 9918, Cemetery checking 9926, Halloween 7768. US Bank Money Market 6215, cemetery savings 3156, and FNB - CDs and lockbox) as an authorized signatory and remove the previous Clerk (Tony Mercer) from said accounts. Briner seconded. Motion carried.

The council would like to thank all the candidates who expressed interest and the council agreed it was very difficult decision to choose between the three as all were very qualified.

Animal Ordinance - Nothing has been finalized.

Memorial Park - Johnson reported on receiving a $1000 donation from the Smith family in memory of the late Jim Smith (auctioneer) and also received a $6000 donation from an individual who wished to have their name withheld. Brickwork for the new sign is going on currently. New sidewalks have been poured. Flagpole, lights, and memorial bricks are being planned. Council discussed the benefits of having electricity available at the park for lighting the sign and flag as well as auxiliary lighting and other uses in future events and decorations.

Quick made a motion to install electricity at the Memorial Park. Ackley seconded. Motion carried.

Phelps reported that the Tingley Halloween Celebration will be held Saturday, October 26. She asked for approval of BYOB and a donation to the band as was done previously. Ackley made a motion to approve BYOB for the Fire Station Halloween Party and a donation of $125 to the MACS Band for marching in the parade. Briner seconded. Motion carried.

Quick made a motion to have a new overhead door installed at the town shop by Newton Overhead Doors. Phelps seconded. Motion carried.

Adjournment - Ackley made a motion to adjourn. Briner seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM.

Tony Mercer